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We are high-end boutique massage parlor located in Gainesville FL, specializing in couples massages. With over 20+ years of combined massage therapy experience, Gainesville Couples Massage, sets the standard for customer service.

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Massages reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, improve skin tone and lower the stress hormones in the body. Rather than booking a solo massage, people might take their beloved on a date for a couples massage. Spread the joy of getting a massage with the significant other. Many times, married couples or people in a relationship will choose to hire a massage therapist as a romantic gesture to relax away from home. Someone who has never experienced it before should try it.


We clean every room and towel daily in our spa with the industry leading towel laundry service and sanitization practices, our customer's health and wellbeing are our top priority.

Zen Atmosphere

All of our clients completely unplug from their busy schedules as they enter our oasis. Elevate your relaxation and stress relief with our complete Zen environment


A great massage starts with you feeling comfortable. Our massage experts are world class with your comfort in mind to send you into a deep state of relaxation.


We offer first class service without breaking your wallet. That is because Couple's Massage are drastically cheaper.

Deep Relief, Extra Cash for Couples Massage Gainesville FL

massage gainesville fl Letting the massage take them away

You can save extra cash from booking as a couple, rather than as a solo person seeking a massage. In fact, the price often gets drastically reduced for the second person by as much as 50 percent for the massage, but this depends on the company. The longer the massage, the better the value and discount because it locks in business for the company.

For someone looking for a couples massage Gainesville FL company, they should look for the type of massage that they would like to experience. People can find a variety of options available like:

Two is Better than One

Our peaceful atmosphere transport you out of your day-to-day life. The calm and relaxaing experience you experience with Gainesville Couples Massage will last for hours after your treatment.

People who heal together will stay together. Especially if the couple set a goal to live a healthier lifestyle, this can help them to live healthier. The key is to find a massage therapist Gainesville FL company that can perform this with skill.

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Oligamer Massage for Two

What defines the oligomer massage? This fully encompassing massage adopts a holistic approach. From the tips of the toes to the ends of one’s hair, they will experience an excellent massage that re-energizes the body and employs deep tissue massage techniques to restore the fluidity and harmony of the body.

Use of this massage will incorporate oligomer oils to replenish the vital elements of the body. Over time, vitamins, minerals and essential elements lose their properties, and your skin tone may look less healthy. Once the elements restore themselves through the massage, a person will feel re-energized. They might choose a Gainesville massage to restore it.

Couple Enjoying Massage And Aromatherapy Lying On Beds In Spa

Get Pampered with a Loved One

While they call it a couples massage, a person might choose this for anyone that they want to have a massage with. They can save money by doing it that way. This gives people the space to spend quality time with others. At the same time, they can do a little extra for a loved one. It makes for a great gift, and at the same time, the individual giving the gift can also experience the massage. They simply take advantage of the greater discount through this package.

Couple Receiving Herbal Massage With Aromatic Bags Relaxing At Spa

Couple's Detox

The human body continues to accumulate wastes throughout a lifetime, and this can lead to a lower lifespan as the toxic wastes continue to grow and become worse. Through the couple’s detox package, you can eliminate the toxic wastes from the body while getting incredible benefits from it. Some of the benefits included with this are things like:

  • Strengthens and relaxes the muscles
  • Stimulates muscles to release toxins of the body
  • Boost mood once getting rid of them
  • Experience an increase in energy
  • Relieves stress from the everyday worries of life
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The Honeymoon Package

Especially when someone was just married, going with a honeymoon package will lead to a romantic stress reliever that leaves both people feeling refreshed and even more in love. They have a memory together that will last a lifetime. Having a luxury and romantic retreat together will strengthen the bond between the pair, and after wedding day, people may feel stressed. This can help them to lower their stress. These luxurious massages also tend to go for much longer than some of the other choices.

Relaxation Starts Here.

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Massages for couples can provide a great memory while letting each other unwind. At the same time, it gives a person something interesting to talk about with their loved one. Massages always give bragging rights to the person. They could tell their friends and family about the deep-tissue Swedish massage that they received with their spouse.


Anyone who would like to learn more should check out Massage Gainesville. They can learn more by simply filling out the form. People could also call them to learn more about booking a massage. Having a massage will express its benefits far beyond momentary relaxation as a person feels physical and mental well-being long after they leave the massage parlor. Going in on it with a loved one will lower the cost by getting a discount, and at the same time, it sets the scene for romance.

Deep Tissue Couples Massage Gainesville FL

Finding a deep tissue massage Gainesville FL company can help individuals to receive an unwinding stress reliever. Many people have tension built up in the neck, back and arms, which they need to release, or it can eventually lead to health problems. This type of massage can lower someone’s blood pressure and reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Some athletes have reported that it improved their performance. Getting this massage as a couple can treat specific conditions, depending on the type of massage, while feeling so pleasurable.

Some of the benefits of a deep tissue massage include:

  • Lowers chronic pain
  • Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Rehabilitates injured muscles
  • Relieves stress from everyday living

Deep tissue massages can help one’s physical body, but it has mental health benefits as well. Couples will lower their irritability, anxiety and stress as the brain releases dopamine and serotonin because these chemicals increase during this time. People often report having a happier marriage as they bond at the spa with each other.

Massages like this were intended to loosen the knots and soften the stiff muscles within the body. That matters because knots and tension in the tissues can lead to real problems later with things like limited motion, inflammation and disrupted circulation.

Couple's Aromatherapy

Signing up for an aromatherapy package becomes an interesting experience because of how smell acts as one of the most intimate of senses. It brings back some of the fondest memories, and it can bring up the best emotions from the past. With this package, couples can share their favorite scents.

At the same time, it creates the space for connection and enjoying a massage in the company of a loved one. Certain scents even do well for romance. They do these massages side by side so that the couple can enjoy the massage in the company of each other. Some scents act as an aphrodisiac, which means that it boosts the male and female sex drive.

Hot Stone Massages for Couples

Couples Massage Gainesville can Depend on

Perhaps one of the most famous massages around, the hot stone massage relieves muscle tension and pain. People who have a hard time sleeping will enjoy this massage because it helps with sleep. It has been known to relieve certain symptoms in people with fibromyalgia and autoimmune disorders. This works best for those with moderate symptoms of it.

For individuals who have joint disorders, they may especially see some of the benefits of this massage. With hot stone massage therapy, they use circular massage techniques that people often associate with Swedish massage. Going to a couples massage Gainesville company, people can experience what the hot stones feel like. The massage therapist will place the stones on key points of the body to release tension and help with the energy flow. Also, it should be mentioned that hot stone massages can detoxify the body.

massage gainesville fl Letting the massage take them away

Spa features

Premium Equipment

Our chairs are specifically built for maximum comfort, elevating your relaxation

Mask Protection

Your health is our main priority. All of our staff are trained with the highest sanitation standards

Air conditioning

Our cool airconditioned rooms are set perfectly to help you slide into deep relaxation

Non-smoking rooms

We maintain a no-smoking policy at all times


Having a facial massage done will stimulate various pressure points on the face, neck and shoulders. Depending on the massage Gainesville FL company, they may offer a variety of facial massage choices. Some of the different options that a person might run across include:

Facials that are done as a couple let them both experience the facial massage side by side. This gives a person the opportunity to bond with their loved one uniquely because most people don’t receive massages that often. It promotes relaxation and intimacy at the same time with their partner.

Having a Royal Bath Together

What feels more romantic than having a royal bath set up as a way for couples to connect and feel close to one another? Going with a royal package will do all the hard work of romancing for the person. This type of bath will take everything to the next level when it comes to romance.

The things a person will get out of this includes body scrubs, massages and a romantic wooden bath. Someone might choose to do this one as a way to give a romantic gift to someone. For example, maybe they want to give them a unique birthday, or they want to have an intimate experience with their loved one.

Couples Massage Gainesville FL
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Swedish Couples Massage Gainesville

This type of massage became one of the most commonly used massages around, and some people refer to it as the classic massage. This is the type of massage that most people get when they think of massages. Through releasing the muscle tension, it promotes relaxation.

The techniques that a massage therapist will use in a Swedish massage include:

  • Long strokes
  • Kneading
  • Passive joint movements
  • Deep circular movements

The benefits for couples go far beyond relaxing at the massage table as it increases the oxygen in the blood and improves circulation in the body.

This gentle full-body massage releases muscle tension, and they designed this system of treatment to energize the body after. Tell friends and family about a Swedish massage with the spouse and watch the envy roll in. The long-term effects of stress can take a huge toll on one’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Neck Massage for One Couple Gainesville FL

Bamboo Massages for Couples

Having many similarities to a deep tissue massage or a Swedish massage, bamboo massages use warmed bamboo instead of the hands to release tension within the body. The ultimate goal of this massage is to relieve stress and warm the muscles while reducing tension and pain within the ligaments.

A couple that wants to receive a unique treatment will love the bamboo massage. Only receiving exposure within the last decade, this massage will give you a deep and firm massage of the body. The bamboo comes in a variety of sizes and diameters as a way to ensure deep-tissue work.